Economite RE4400DS HTD

Linkageless Technology

Midco International has developed a 400,000 BTU high turndown burner. The Midco RE4400DS HTD burner is a fully modulating gas burner using a linkage-less air fuel ratio control. The burner fires at 20,000 BTU’s low fire and 400,000 BTU’s high fire. The burner is ETL listed and comes complete with ignition system and gas train.

Min. Firing Rating: 20,000 BTU/hr

Max. Firing Rating: 400,000 BTU/hr

Gas Connection Rating: 3/4″ NPT

Nozzle Diameter: 4.0″

Max. Nozzle Insertion: 5.25″ deep

Motor HP: 1/6

Design Certification/Listed By: E.T.L. Listed

Primary Safety Voltage: 24V

Shipping Weight: 50lb

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