HMA-2 & HMA-2A Series

Direct-Fired Make-Up Air Burner

Technology in Direct-Fired Gas Burners

Our innovative two stage combustion burner is not just a modification or improvement to our original HMA product line, but a completely new approach to direct-fired combustion. The two-stage combustion improves control of the flame process, meets and exceeds the ANSI Standards and outperforms the competition. By having two separate flames within the burner combustion zone, the flame is more stable, shorter and cleaner. Two stage combustion reduces emissions allowing for higher temperature rise, wider operation range, easy installation, and simple profile opening.

Technology for Direct-Fired Applications Plus Flexibility in Configuration

Straight, elbow, tee and back inlet sections easily configure to desired capacity maximizing efficiency for installation and performance. Burners may be ignited by proven pilot or direct spark. Pilots are available for flame rectification or ultraviolet detection. Contact the factory for specifications.

Specialized Features

Reduced NO2 and CO Emissions

Lower emissions levels that easily pass the ANSI Z83.4, Z83.18 and Z83.25 standards.

Increased Capacity

Up to 750,000 BTU’S per foot. (Higher BTU levels can be achieved if ANSI Z83 Standards or CO and NO2 emissions are not of a concern. Process heaters can fire up to 1,000,000 BTU’S a foot or more.)

Increased Differential Pressure Drop & Higher Velocities

HMA-2A burners can operate between 0.05″ to 1.4″ W.C. differential pressure range or in air velocity between 800 fpm to 4000 fpm.

Reduced Inventory & Shipping Costs

Single burner casting can be fired with natural, propane or butane gas, reducing burner inventory. (Consult factory for applications using butane fuels).


30-1 turndown can easily be achieved with proper modulation control and for modular gas valves.