Unipower VA Series

The Unipower VA Series burner is a nozzle mix power burner that integrates the casting and baffle design of our Midco HMA burner. The Unipower VA Series burner is designed for applications where high turndown is desired, up to 25 to 1. The capability of high turn down provides precise temperature control for heating and processing applications. The equipment has less temperature fluctuation compared to an on-off system or a conventional 3 to 1 or 10 to 1 modulating burner. It has been proven that a high turn down burner provides comfort for the end user with the added benefit of energy savings. For industrial applications, the Unipower VA Series’ high turn down capabilities provide the benefit of precise set temperature control without worrying about over or under heating. This translates to a higher quality end product and reduced energy usage.

The Unipower VA Series burner is one of the easiest high turn down burners to set up in the industry. The air-fuel modulation is achieved through the relationship of the supplied air pressure and the output pressure. The combustion air motor is a variable speed blower which creates a pressure relative to the air output. Output gas pressure can be varied relative to the air pressure through a ratio regulator eliminating the need for linkages.

The Unipower VA Series can operate as low as 7% excess air (1.5% O2 at flue) at high fire with low CO emissions. This translates to energy savings and a lower carbon foot print. In comparison, a conventional commercial power burner requires 25% excess air for it to operate safely. For the Unipower VA Series burner, there is no need to heat up the excess air that is not consumed in the combustion process, thereby reducing overall fuel consumption and lowering operating costs. The Unipower VA Series burner’s air modulation allows it to operate at lower excess air at all firing rates with low CO emission compared to other burners that do not modulate the air. The CO emission is well below US and European industry standards.

The combustion blower is the component that consumes the most electric power. The Unipower VA Series burners use a smaller variable speed blower compared to most commercial power burners with the same firing capacity. Since this burner uses a variable speed blower, it does not always run at the highest speed nor does it require the full use hp of the blower. The speed of the motor is relative to the heating requirement. The Unipower VA Series burner housing and the control box are all made from stainless steel. It has better durability compared to most other power burners that use painted cold rolled steel, especially when used in a harsh environment.

Most of the noise of a power burner is from the blower. Even at high fire, the Unipower VA Series burner creates less decibels because the cast aluminum blower is designed to reduce noise levels with efficient output as compared to a conventional sheet metal blower housing. The burner is engineered with the customer and service personnel in mind. The burner will be completely assembled and fire-tested in our factory so that the user will require very minimal effort to set up the burner upon receipt.

Specialized Features

Its modular design gives it a wide input range: 6″ (V1) 670,000 BTUs to 36″ (V10) 3,800,000 BTUs

Pilot ignition or direct spark

Remote mounted control boxes available

Flame rod, UV scanner, and Infrared sensing options available

Easy fuel air adjustment, set up, and serviceability

Increased combustion efficiency and lower electric costs

NFPA & Factory Mutual options available, all models UL and cUL listed

Note: Burners with Fasco blowers are only recognized and need to be installed within a vestibule

OEM versions of the Unipower VA Series burner are available