Economite RE4400DS

Power Gas Burners

The Economite RE4400DS Power Gas Burner is engineered to meet the greatest variety of applications while performing at peak efficiency.

The blower and burner head design requires less oxygen, so the burner operates at optimal efficiency even under variable draft or positive pressure conditions, including high back pressure conditions. The compact design packs the power to meet or exceed industry standards. Easy to install and service with customized configurations, universal mounting flange and removable burner cartridge. Each unit is shipped fully assembled and is factory fire tested assuring dependable performance.

Whether you purchase an ‘off the shelf’ unit or have us create one to fit your application , you can be assured of having purchased the finest combustion power gas burner in the industry. When you need assistance in burner selection, installation or service just call Midco International direct today and we will put in contact with your local representative to find out more about our Economite RE4000 Series burners.

Specialized Features

Exceptional Performance

  • Top efficiency for optimal energy savings
  • All new patent pending burner head and retention plate design
  • Requires less oxygen for combustion
  • Operates under variable draft or positive pressure conditions
  • Electronic flame safety with direct spark ignition

New Flexible, Compact Design

  • Electronic flame safety with direct spark ignition
  • Customized configurations to fit any space: Burner Tubes, Gas trains, Blower housing position
  • Multiple retention plates and flange options allow more flexibility in OEM and replacement Applications

Low Maintenance

  • Removable burner cartridge for easy service
  • External air shutter for easy adjustments
  • Field convertible to propane fuel
  • Pre-piped, pre-wired and factory fire tested

RE4400DS Burner

RE4400DS Series Flange

Min. Firing Rating: 132,000 BTU/hr

Max. Firing Rating: 400,000 BTU/hr

Gas Connection Rating: 3/4″ NPT

Gas Pressure Required Natural or Propane: 7″ to 14″ W.C.

Nozzle Diameter: 4.0″

Max. Nozzle Insertion: 8” with standard blast tube, 5-3/4”, 16” and other options available

Motor HP: 1/6

Design Certification/Listed By:U.L./C.U.L. Listed

Primary Safety Voltage: 24V standard, 120V optional

Electrical Supply: 115 – 60Hz

Gas Burner Draft Motors: 115 – 60Hz (please contact Midco for 50Hz applications, non-UL Listed)

Shipping Weight: 40 lbs

Product Information

Installation Manual

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